This is it!! It's the "OMG" Season Finale!!! And for the final hurrah, it's time for a Half-Year Review of 2008! From the Best Turnarounds, Best Celebrities, and Best New Relationships to the Worst Movies, Biggest Trainwrecks, and Biggest Scandals!! And it all comes down to the Sexy List, where we count down the hottest stars of 2008! Plus, find out what the Top 3 Songs of 2008 (so far) and check out new music from Rihanna and Matthew Lush! Thanks for a great summer season and have a great fall!


The newest "OMG" breaks down the reunion of the year: BRITNEY AND MADONNA!!! Is Britney getting "sticky and sweet" with her former mentor? Are Pam Anderson and Jessica Simpson the new blondes in battle? Why did Amy Whinehouse attack two different men? Flava Flav was HOW OLD when he lost his virginity?? And why is Hannah Montana's brother targeting Jeffree Star? Plus, new music from Lily Allen, Tila Tequila, and the Veronicas!


In the newest "OMG", we get behind some of Hollywood's newest reveals: How is Mary-Kate's history with Spencer Pratt turning into a present-day catfight? Just how many guys did Pete Wentz kiss? Will the long-lost Lohan sister become a musical threat? Plus, steamy news on Will Smith's hot workout plan and Harry Potter's R-rated twist. And new music from Carrie Underwood, the Jonas Brothers, and Christina Milian!


In this summerlicious "OMG", we get the dish on the biggest news: Does Lindsay Lohan have a secret sister? Did Chris Brown's mom out Rihanna & Chris' relationship? Did David Beckham bulk his bulge for his underwear ad campaign? Are two "Gossip Boys" more into each other than their female castmates? Did Heidi Montag just compare herself to Jesus?! Plus, news on more Hogan mess, Katy Perry's love life, Aly & AJ's stalker, and Britney's next CD. All that and new music from the Pussycat Dolls!

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